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    Anti-fall And Privacy Phone Screen Protector

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    Talk about protection! Talk about explosion-proof and anti-fall! Our all-inclusive Anti-fall And Privacy Screen Protector is here! Stronger, more durable and better protect your privacy.
    Privacy Screen Protector will help you keep your private messages private, making sure that your screen is for your eyes only. The design is simple, allowing only the person holding the phone to see the screen. Never again will you have to cover your phone just to communicate in secret.


    • Hardness upgrade: Resistance to level 10 explosion-proof, explosion-proof increased by 40 times. The airbag rebounds, disintegrates the impact, and reduces the risk of screen burst by 99%

    • Anti-fall upgrade: Create a record of anti-fall, increase anti-fall 50 times, effectively decompose impact force when falling, reduce shock and anti-fall
    • Privacy: TECHO Privacy Screen Protector keeps your personal, private, and sensitive information hidden from strangers. Block views from the left and right side within 45 degrees. The screen is only visible to persons directly in front of the screen.
    • Scratch-resistant upgrade: Strong, wear-resistant, explosion-proof. Tens of thousands of times of friction leave no marks, no fear of daily scratching, the surface is as bright as new

    • Coverage upgrade: full screen coverage, full screen protection, full upgrade edge will not let go
    • Visual field upgrade: high-definition, high-transparency, ultra-precision light-transmitting molecules, clearer visual colors, and enhanced screen reality
    • Anti-fingerprint upgrade: almost no fingerprints, anti-fingerprints increased by 20 times, physical efficiency, anti-fouling, deep purification, no fingerprints, long-term use as new

    • Eye protection upgrade: block harmful blue light, reduce eye fatigue, bless the light wave to protect the eyes, and stay away from harmful blue light
    • Process upgrade: induction is not blocked, face recognition in seconds, precise opening without damage, rapid face induction

    • Hand feeling upgrade: gaming grade tempered film, born for the game hand feeling, smoother hand feeling, more sensitive touch, and more accurate click
    • Adaptation upgrade: both soft and hard phone cases can be used. It is also suitable for versatile mobile phone cases, no bubbles

    The package contains:

    • Anti-fall And Privacy Screen Protector x 1